The Blair Hornstine Story

Blair Hornstine: Generally-Moorestown

Blair Hornstine is the daughter of a Superior Court judge father and a strong stay at home mother, who was a former school teacher and a past President of the Moorestown Home and School Association.  Blair attended the Moorestown Public Schools from 1994 until her graduation in June 2003. In October 1998, Blair was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that left her with severe weakness.  Thanks to a wonderful Special Education Team that was assigned to Blair led by Assistant Superintendent Dr. Judithann C. Keefe, Blair received the accommodations that permitted her to maximize her potential. Although Blair received a different teaching schedule than other students, Blair only received the accommodations for which she was entitled both under federal law and New Jersey law. 

Some critics, who were unaware of Blair Hornstine and her medical infirmity, took glee in chastising her.  It appeared as though they either were unaware of the supporting medical documentation or chose to ignore it.  Blair even submitted to a medical review by the Moorestown school doctor.  He totally concurred with the medical recommendations of Blair’s specialists.  Additionally, each and every school team member assigned to monitor Blair and her Individual Education Plan agreed.  From 1998 until November 2002, the Superintendent supported Blair Hornstine until Paul Kadri became Superintendent.  Mr. Kadri disagreed with his own staff, disagreed with Blair’s doctors and their recommendation, and even ignored the school’s own physician.  The Moorestown special education team devised the program to assist Blair.  They did an outstanding job.  Blair received the education that the law envisioned; nothing more.  Blair took the same courses that her classmates received.  Blair had the identical texts and syllabus. When the school couldn’t get the services of one of their own faculty to teach Blair, the Board of Education had to approve a replacement.  Every outside faculty member was as qualified or more qualified than each Moorestown teacher.  When Blair could no longer take Physical Education, she complied with state law and had to submit reports to the teacher in lieu of physical activity. Blair never received a free pass for any mandatory submission.

Moorestown Alliance for Goodwill and Interest in the Community (MAGIC)

In addition to being an excellent student, Blair gave back to the community as much as she was able. From 1994 until her graduation from high school in 2003, Blair and her brother, Adam, volunteered countless hours for a public service organization they jointly founded known as MAGIC (Moorestown Alliance for Goodwill and Interest in the Community). The club’s stated goals included “community service to provide social support and hope to the elderly, disabled, underprivileged and young women” It was a laudable idea and covered a very wide spectrum of activities.

At Blair Hornstine’s direction the group organized many fund raisers, public awareness events, and had specific goals to make a difference in the community. For example, MAGIC held a yearly food drive through the area schools that led to a greater awareness of hunger.  The money and efforts were put to good use over the next few years in various ways not only locally but throughout the world, including the People’s Republic of China. The group participated in standard helpful activities such as cleaning graffiti off abandoned buildings, beautification programs, and building safe playgrounds. They also supplied prom dresses and accessories to those young women who wished to attend their proms but were without sufficient finances to do so. There is also the story of how Blair and the group assisted the elderly with house maintenance and helped to clear up areas littered with drug use. Another example of the work was the painting of churches as well as interior improvements.

Blair and Adam Hornstine used their money and donations wisely.  They vastly improved all the communities and residents that they touched.  A relatively small amount of time certainly went a long way to give comfort to others.  Even flowers and planters to beautiful a porch or front step were deeply appreciated.

In just four years Blair Hornstine raised sufficient funds to finance sixteen cleft operations so that orphaned Chinese girls could try to get a start on a new life.  In July 2000, Blair was invited to China to attend a conference focused upon the plight of these disfigured orphans and the need for medical care.  Blair wisely used her moneys to extend the maximize benefit to the most people.

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